Cleveland Ohio Police Officer Andrea Halabica-Feldman Arrested And Supended After Catfight

June 3, 2012

CLEVELAND, OHIO – A Cleveland officer was arrested after police say she got into a fight with another woman, ONN’s affiliate WEWS reported.

Cleveland Police Chief Michael McGrath said Officer Andrea Halabica-Feldman, 38, is accused of physically assaulting an unknown woman on Monday. It allegedly happened in the 4300 block of West 189th Street in Cleveland.

Halabica-Feldman, who is assigned to the fourth district, was off duty at the time of her arrest. She has not been charged and no court date has been set.

According to Cleveland police, Halabica-Feldman has been suspended without pay pending the outcome of the criminal case. She will also have a pre-disciplinary hearing with Director of Public Safety Martin Flask.

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Buffalo New York Police Officer Jorge Melendez Arrested, Fired, And Charged In Large Marijuana Grow Operation

June 3, 2012

BUFFALO, NEW YORK – Another Law Enforcement Officer is on the wrong side of the law.

Buffalo Police Officer Jorge Melendez of the D District is accused of running and maintaining a marijuana growing operation just blocks from the A District police station. He’s charged with conspiracy to manufacture more than 100 marijuana plants, maintaining a premises for manufacturing marijuana and manufacturing more than 100 marijuana plants.

Jason Elardo faces the same charges.

Police Commissioner Daniel Derenda says Melendez has been fired from the police department. He and Elardo are both in federal detention. Derenda says no other police officers were involved but there could further arrests of other individuals.

The federal charges carry a mandatory minimum sentence of five years in prison, a maximum of 40 years, a fine of $4,000,000 or both.

Federal DEA agents say Melendez owns a warehouse on 2157 South Park Avenue in Buffalo where undercover surveillance cameras were installed as part of the investigation. The complant says Melendez and Elardo were seen tending to the marijuana plants. Agents describe the marijuana growing operation as a sophisticated hydroponic system with PVC piping, irrigation, humidifiers, and high intensity lights, and growth inducing chemicals and fertilizers.

Agents say Melendez was actually seen driving his marked Buffalo police car to the South Park location in March to briefly check the location.

Agents say another growing operation was located in a warehouse at 1372 Clinton Street. They say their investigation also turned up cutting, harvesting, and packaging equipment for sales of pot at a home at 76 West Woodside Avenue. There were raids at all three sites Thursday morning. Equipment, cash, vehicles, boats and motorcycles were seized. Agents say various weapons were also found at the homes of Melendez and Elardo. They also seized up to 1,000 marijuana plants from the three locations.

U.S. Attorney William Hochul says, “This operation was literally hiding in plain sight.” He went on to say, “Police officers are sworn to protect the public and uphold the law. It is particulary disturbing when an officer breaks the law he was sworn to uphold.”

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Dumbass Harrisburg Pennsylvania Police Officer William Owens Suspended After Shooting His Wife In The Ass

June 2, 2012

HARRISBURG, PENNSYLVANIA – Prosecutors in Pennsylvania said a police officer who shot his wife in the buttocks was showing his gun to family and friends when it discharged.

Dauphin County District Attorney Edward M. Marsico Jr. said Harrisburg police officer William Owens was showing off his gun at his home around 6 p.m. Saturday when the firearm accidentally discharged several times, striking Lakita Owens once in the buttocks, The Patriot-News, Harrisburg, reported Thursday.

Marsico said investigators are working to determine whether alcohol played a role in the incident, and charges could be filed if the shooting is determined to have been reckless.

Owens, who was suspended without pay, declined to comment on the investigation. He said his wife is recovering from her injury.

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New Bern North Carolina Police Officer Frances Sutton Arrested, Charged With Stealing Drugs From Evidence Room – Oxycodone

May 26, 2012

NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA – New Bern Police have arrested New Bern Police Department Officer Frances Sutton, and charged with theft of evidence from the New Bern Police Department Evidence Room.

The items taken were controlled substances in the form of Oxycodone pills. Sutton voluntarily surrendered to SBI agents Wednesday night.

She was charged with four felony counts of Obstruction of Justice and three felony counts of Altering, Destroying, or Stealing Evidence of Criminal Conduct. She was placed in the Craven County Jail under a $35,000 secured bond. Her first appearance in Craven County District Court is scheduled for Thursday morning, May 24, 2012. Ms. Sutton is currently on administrative leave.

Police say Chief Summers conducted an internal review and discovered evidence missing in cases in which Ms. Sutton was the charging officer. He reported his findings to District Attorney Thomas who requested an SBI investigation.

“We are saddened by this news. But just as we are committed to policing our community, we must also police ourselves. And we will not tolerate unlawful activity in our neighborhoods or in our department,” said Chief Summers.

“Law enforcement officers are expected to uphold and enforce the law, not violate it. Ms. Sutton is charged based on the findings of the investigation at this point. We will continue to look for any other illegal activity,” said District Attorney Scott Thomas.

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Northern Territory Australia Drug Crime Squad Officer Arresed On Drug Charges

May 18, 2012

DARWIN, AUSTRALIA – A Northern Territory Police officer has been arrested as part of a drug operation in Darwin.

Acting police commissioner Shane Maines says the officer is a member of the drug and organised crime squad.

He has been taken into custody and is expected to be charged shortly with drug offences.

Houses were raided in Darwin overnight and two other people, aged 22 and 31, were also arrested.

Police say they may make more arrests.

The ABC understands the alleged drug offences relate to the manufacture of methamphetamine.

Police say the arrests were part of Operation Maverick, which is targeting the supply of drugs in the Top End.

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