Pedophile Gwinnett County Georiga Police Officer David D. Lowe Arrested, Quits, Charged After Targeting Children By Posting Pornography – Moron Had Just Graduated Police Academy

May 26, 2012

LAWRENCEVILLE, GEORGIA – Gwinnett County Police arrested one of their own Friday.

In a release, GCPD announced the arrest of David D. Lowe. The 26-year-old Lowe graduated from the police academy earlier this month.

Lowe is charged with electronically furnishing obscene material to minors. Investigators are looking into additional charges.

GCPD’s Special Victims Unit received a tip from the Georgia Bureau of Investigations about explicit video on the website, a site designed for use by minors. The site allows users to create a profile and only interact with people in their age range.

For example, if a 14-year-old creates a profile, they will only be able to interact with users between the age of 13 and 16.

The tip from GBI showed that an unknown person had created an account on the website and was sharing adult videos with minors.

GCPD’s SVU was lead to Lowe’s home based on this information. Police obtained a search warrant for their fellow officer and conducted a search on his home and computers Friday.

Lowe was arrested and will be taken to the Gwinnett County Detention Center.

After his arrest, GCPD says Lowe was presented with a “notification of intent to terminate.” Lowe opted to resign instead.

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Marion County Indiana Deputy Sheriff John M. Benton Arrested, Charged After Sending Pornographic Photos And Videos Of Himself To Waitresses

May 17, 2012

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA – Officers arrested a Marion County Sheriff’s deputy after they say he sent pornographic photos and videos of himself to waitresses.

John M. Benton, 26, was arrested Tuesday on four counts of obscene performance, all Class A misdemeanors.

Marion County Sheriff’s Office officials say the arrest stemmed from a week-long investigation. Benton is accused of sending four pornographic photos and two pornographic videos of his genitalia to female waitresses from Indianapolis establishments.

Police say Benton admitted them that he took the photos and pictures and sent them to the two women, but he justified it, saying the two girls were flirting with him.

“The investigation and the photos speaks for itself, and with the arrest, there is no evidence to present that would suggest this is anything else than what it is,” said Captain Michael Hubbs with Marion County Sheriff’s Office.

Police say Benton knew the women from working part-time at the establishments.

According to court documents, the former deputy admits he’s sent a number of other women nude photos – but he’s never faced criminal charges for doing so.

Police say he told detectives that some of the photos of his private parts were taken while he was in uniform working inside the Marion City County Building.

Sheriff John R. Layton terminated Benton after reviewing the case.

Benton faces a sentence of one year for each charge, if he’s convicted.

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Simi Valley California Passes Law That Allows Its Police Officers First Viewing Of All Pornographic Videos Produced In The City To Check Condom Compliance

April 25, 2012

SIMI VALLEY, CALIFORNIA – The city of Simi Valley has passed a new law that is aimed at keeping adult film productions from entering the municipality.

The city council passed the law at a meeting Monday night.

Beginning in May, all film productions must use condoms at all times. Under the new law, producers have to submit unedited copies of their adult films to the Simi Valley Police Department for review.

The law does have an exemption when filming for “personal use.”

The new ordinance stems from a similar measure passed by the City of Los Angeles in January.

Many adult films are made in Chatsworth, near LA County’s border with Simi Valley. The council feared those productions would simply move a few miles west, into Simi Valley.

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Investigation Centers On Will County Illinois Judge Joseph Polito’s Internet Account Being Used In Attempts To View Hardcore Internet Pornography

April 24, 2012

JOLIET, ILLINOIS – Associate Judge Joseph Polito was trusted with one of Will County’s most notorious heater cases in 2007 when he presided over Plainfield man Craig Stebic’s attempt to divorce his missing wife Lisa.

Now he’s at the center of an unsolved riddle of his own.

Someone using Judge Polito’s computer login and password at the Joliet courthouse has been trying to use county computers to view hardcore Internet pornography, documents obtained by the Chicago Sun-Times show.

Polito won’t say if it’s him — but Chief Judge Gerald R. Kinney has apologized “for any embarrassment this incident has caused.” And he’s referred the case to the Illinois Judicial Inquiry Board, which has the power to file disciplinary charges that could result in Polito being suspended or even fired.

Among the 243 porn websites somebody using Polito’s county computer account attempted to access are,,, and

Many of the websites have names that can’t be printed in a family newspaper. Several suggest an interest in masturbation and large breasted women. Others cover specialty interests including office sex and older women.

The list of porn websites was logged by Web-filtering software designed to stop county employees from wasting taxpayer time on non-work-related websites.

Tens of thousands of attempts to visit inappropriate websites — typically social networking, chat and shopping sites — are automatically blocked and logged in Will County government every month by the software, which is similar to software used in workplaces across the U.S.

But it wasn’t until the Sun-Times used the Freedom of Information Act to request a copy of the log in May last year that officials say they launched an investigation into the unusual activity on Polito’s computer account.

Chief Judge Kinney insisted for months that documents identifying Polito as the likeliest prolific courthouse porn user were judicial records that the public had no right to see. He finally released them earlier this month, after the Illinois Attorney General’s office wrote in a legal opinion that the list of porn websites was “unrelated to any judicial function [and] is not a judicial record.”

The list covers a six-month period beginning in late 2010. It shows that someone using Polito’s county computer account attempted to view porn on five days in January and April last year.

Polito, who was appointed an associate judge in 2006 and has a computer on the bench of his third-floor courtroom, was assigned as a “floating judge” at the time, records show. He handled traffic, small claims and forfeiture hearings on the days his account was used to try to view porn.

Now assigned to divorce cases, he refused to speak to a Sun-Times reporter about his workplace Internet habits last week. A bailiff who polices Polito’s courtroom said the judge “is not available” for comment.

But a defendant in a small claims case who appeared before Polito on Jan. 4 last year said it would be a “disgrace” if it turns out the judge was looking at porn during court hours.

Andrew Coleman, 53, believes he was treated “unfairly” in several rulings by Polito. His opponent in court was a “young woman in a tight leotard” and Polito “sat there and smiled at everything she said and ignored everything we said,” Coleman said, adding, “Maybe that’s where his mind was — he didn’t seem focused on the facts.”

Judge Kinney disagrees that the alleged porn use had any effect on Polito’s work. The chief judge said there was “no evidence that there’s been any impact on [Polito’s] ability to serve the community as a member of the judiciary.”

In a vaguely worded statement he released with the other Will County Circuit Court Judges, Kinney added that “appropriate steps have been taken to address any underlying issues that led to this behavior.”

He said a probation officer whose account was also used to view porn is no longer employed by Will County but declined to discuss specifics of Polito’s case, saying the matter was a “confidential personnel issue.”

Whoever used Polito’s account was likely frustrated.

Though he or she tried to visit 69 inappropriate websites on April 27 alone, none of those nor any of the other 164 attempts to view porn logged by the filtering software was successful, according to Will County Information, Communications and Technology director Mike Shay.

The software works by blocking websites on a banned list, Shay said. The list of banned sites is updated daily, but the vast amount of pornography published online means it isn’t foolproof, Shay added, making the system vulnerable to a determined and persistent porn hunter.

“Sometimes someone will get through,” he said.

Whether they’re a judge or an office clerk, anyone who uses a computer at work should assume they’re leaving a digital trail that can be tracked by their bosses, according to Daniel Keller, president of Interim HR Consulting.

If you’re at work using a computer and Internet connection supplied by your employer, “There shouldn’t be any expectation of privacy,” he said.

Keller routinely advises clients to install porn-blocking software but said that the biggest problem facing employers is workers using social media during work hours.

“Back in 2007 or 2008, most of the terminations for inappropriate Internet use were related to pornography,” he said. “Now it’s nearly all Facebook and Twitter.”

Whatever you’re looking at, Keller cautioned, “there are tracking mechanisms that go back to the individual user.”

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Veteran Wylie Texas Police Officer Suspended After Child Pornography And Lewd Images Found On His Home Computer – Female Dispatcher And Another Civilian Employee Also Suspended

January 25, 2012

WYLIE, TEXAS – The Wylie Police Department put a veteran patrolman on paid administrative leave on Tuesday after questions of lewd behavior and child pornography surfaced late Monday night.

The pictures allegedly taken from the policeman’s home computer aren’t just personal, they’re pornographic.

“It’s absolutely not reflective of this agency or the police profession,” said Det. Venece Perepiczka a Wylie Police spokeswoman.

Images posted on the internet show what appears to be the officer in a sexual act with a woman. Another picture shows a woman posing naked next to a Wylie police badge and doing an obscene act with a Glock pistol.

But even more concerning are pictures of child porn.

They’re all believed to have been stolen from the policeman’s personal computer and then sent to every e-mail address in his contact list on Monday night.

Even though Wylie named its officer under investigation, News 8 has decided not to reveal his identity, since he has not been charged with a crime.

In addition to suspending him, Wylie also put a female dispatcher and another civilian employee on paid administrative leave because they appeared in some pictures.

“What Wylie administration will be investigating is the officer’s conduct and how that relates to him being a police officer here,” Det. Perepiczka added.

But Wylie also asked the Texas Rangers to launch an investigation, along with the Garland Police Department, since the Wylie officer actually lives there.

“We contacted him at his home,” explained Ofc. Joe Harn, a Garland Police spokesman. “He was very cooperative. He gave us consent… and we did take his computer.”

The veteran patrolman has worked at Wylie for 13 years.

He used to be a sergeant but was demoted to an officer, Det. Perepiczka confirmed, though it’s uncertain why.

The policeman’s telephone is disconnected and he did not immediately respond to an e-mail Tuesday night.

Garland Police said officers will get a search warrant to look at the officer’s computer, but it might be a couple weeks until they figure out what, if anything, is on the hard drive.

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Former Section Alabama Police Officer Ryan Keith Evans Arrested On Sex Abuse Charges

July 8, 2011

SCOTTSBORO, Alabama — A former Section police officer faces various sex abuse charges after being arrested in south Alabama.

Officials say Ryan Keith Evans was brought back to Jackson County from Houston County on Thursday. He was arrested on an outstanding warrant from Jackson County on charges following charges of sodomy, enticing a child and possession of pornographic material.

Evans’ bond was set at $130,000. Jail officials say he has posted the bond and has been released.

Evans was employed as a Section police officer prior to 2009.

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On Duty Los Angeles California Police Officers Appeared In Pornographic Film – Used Patrol Car – Not Disciplined By City…

April 29, 2011

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – City officials failed to discipline two traffic officers who appeared in a pornographic film while on the job, NBC4 LA has found.

The Los Angeles Department of Transportation has opened an investigation into the behavior of two uniformed, on-duty officers who appear in the sexually explicit movie. The investigation was prompted by the NBC4 LA expose, which will air in full Friday at 11 p.m.

“It’s absolutely disgusting,” said Amir Sedadi, general manager of LADOT, after viewing a copy of the movie shown to him by NBC4 LA. “Immediately, we will conduct a full investigation. This is not acceptable to me.”

The video, which is available on a popular adult subscription website, tracks the interactions of a porn actress as she approaches men in a range of work environments.

Various men in the film appear to grope her and perform a range of sex acts with her. In one scene, the actress jumps into the arms of an LA traffic officer, who spanks her and then fondles her bare breasts.

A second traffic officer takes a few spankings from the woman, then allows her to get into his official city car, where she performs lewd acts on herself.

A full report with video will air on NBC4 LA at 11 p.m.

In an interview, Jimmy Price, the city’s parking enforcement chief, acknowledged that his employee’s behavior rose to the level of misconduct.

“In my mind, and legally, yes that’s misconduct,” Price said.

Price knew of his employees’ behavior more than two months ago, according to an internal memo obtained by NBC4 LA.

In the February 21 memo, addressed to his superiors and his employees, Price wrote about a “recent incident” involving “an inappropriate website” where a city uniform and car appeared.

Price said “city and department policy prohibit this kind of misconduct, on and off the job,” and “failure to meet the standards of conduct will result in “disciplinary action, up to and including discharge.”

Price did not discipline the officers.

When asked why, Price said he had only seen some still photos of the officers from the video, and “we were not able to positively identify the individuals as employees.”

LADOT parking enforcement employees who originally gave NBC4 LA a copy of the movie say Price has seen it and knows the identities of the officers.

One of the officers who had a prominent role in the video declined to comment. “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he said, when asked about his participation. The veteran officer jumped into his city car, and sped off.

Sedadi called the officers’ behavior “is not tolerable.”

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