T-Mobile Gives Man Zimmerman’s Old Phone Number – Dead Druggie’s Supporters No Different Than He Was, Calling Day And Night Thinking They Are Threatening Zimmerman’s Life

June 8, 2012

FLORIDA – At age 49, Junior Alexander Guy got his first cell phone last month. The calls started immediately.

Strangers called at all hours. Some were insulting. Others angry. Sometimes, they threatened him.

“You murderer!”

“You deserve to die!”

By Day 2 he figured out what was going on: T-Mobile had given him the phone number formerly used by George Zimmerman, the Neighborhood Watch volunteer who fatally shot Trayvon Martin in February.

The number —407-435-2400 — was the one Zimmerman spelled out to a police dispatcher in a recorded call the night of the shooting that has since been widely circulated by news organizations and is available on the Internet.

Guy, who works at an Orlando wastewater plant, said his phone rang around the clock.

“At 2 o’clock, 3 o’clock in the morning I kept getting these,” he said.

He estimates he received 70 threatening calls.

He has moved out of his home and relocated his mother, who had lived with him, to a different location, he said.

“I was not only afraid for my life, I was afraid for my mother’s,” he said.

He got the phone May 7. On May 16, he turned the phone over to Orlando lawyer Robert Trimble. Since then, the phone has been in Trimble’s safe.

The lawyer has asked T-Mobile to pay damages. He would not say how much.

T-Mobile has said no, according to its top lawyer, Aram Meade.

“They’re not looking to provide my client any compensation for what they’ve exposed him to,” Trimble complained.

Meade said his company had offered to change the number, something that happened Thursday, the same day Trimble requested it.

Also Thursday, the company retired the number, said Glenn Zaccara, a company spokesman. And it provided an account credit and waived an early termination fee, he wrote in an email.

Guy had never had a cell phone, in part, because he got out of prison last year after serving 19 years on a cocaine trafficking charge. It was his third time in state prison, according to Florida Department of Corrections records.

Criminal history or no criminal history, Trimble said, Guy was given Zimmerman’s old phone number, and evidence supports his claim that he was being pummeled by harassing calls.

“I’m asking them for a fair and reasonable sum,” Trimble said.

The 28-year-old Zimmerman is currently in the Seminole County Jail, awaiting trial on a second-degree murder charge.

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Los Angeles County California Deputy Sheriff Adrienne Myers Arrested, Charged After Attacking Another Deputy – Incident Happened When She Was Arrested For Threats – Previously Arrested After Drunken Brawl With Other Deputies At A Park

May 11, 2012

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – A Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy arrested last year on suspicion of assaulting fellow deputies has been accused of kicking another deputy in the groin this week, authorities said.

The latest incident occurred after sheriff’s officials arrested Deputy Adrienne Myers, 36, on suspicion of making threats against a former friend, an official said. As Myers was being booked into the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, she allegedly lashed out. She was restrained soon after the groin kick, authorities said.

While she was handcuffed and being escorted to a booking cell, she allegedly kicked another deputy in the groin without provocation, officials said.

That deputy was not injured, sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore said, but Myers is now also being investigated for battery on a peace officer.

The deputy who was kicked worked at the same sheriff’s station, in Norwalk, where Myers used to work, an official said.

Myers declined to comment through Whitmore. Gonzalez could not be reached for comment.

“Obviously, we take this very seriously,” Whitmore said. “The investigation will move forward, and the appropriate action will be taken.”

Myers was arrested in October after an early-morning brawl among three off-duty deputies at a La Mirada park. On-duty deputies were called after gunshots rang out. They found their three colleagues bloodied and apparently drunk, an official said.

Myers and the two other deputies were on their way home after being out at a bar when Myers and Deputy Judith Gonzalez began arguing. The argument allegedly turned physical and spilled out of the car.

Eventually, Myers stopped fighting Gonzalez and began fighting with the third deputy, an official said. Gonzalez allegedly went back to the car to get her gun. As Myers was on top of the third deputy, Gonzalez fired her weapon. No one was hit, according to the official, who requested anonymity because he is not authorized to discuss the case with the media.

Gonzalez was arrested on suspicion of felony assault with a deadly weapon and Myers on suspicion of felony battery.

Myers has been on paid leave since that incident, Whitmore said.

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Veteran Philadelphia Pennsylvania Police Officer Ricardo Gonzalez Arrested, Suspended, Charged After Attack On His Wife

May 11, 2012

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA – Philadelphia Police Officer Ricardo Gonzalez, 33, is accused of abusing his wife. He was arrested and charged for an incident that happened on March 31.

On that date, authorities say Gonzalez was off-duty when he engaged in a physical altercation with his spouse.

He was charged after an investigation by the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office and Internal Affairs Bureau.

Gonzalez, who is assigned to the 9th District, faces charges of simple assault, terroristic threats and related offenses.

He is a 14-year veteran of the Philadelphia Police Department.

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey will suspend Gonzalez for thirty days with the intent to dismiss.

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Los Angeles County California Deputy Sheriff Brutally Beat Special Needs Woman On Bus – Threatened Soldier Who Caught It On Video

January 11, 2012

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – When Jermaine Green and his fiancee Violet Roberts got on a Metro bus in Bellflower Monday night, they took notice of another passenger.

“The lady got on the bus with a stroller full of pillows, she was very polite, said hello to everyone and sat down,” Green said.

At the next stop, two LA County sheriff’s deputies, one male and one female, boarded the bus and called the passenger by name.

“They said get off the bus. She then started cursing at (the female deputy). You could tell she had special needs. After that they grab her, she curses him out, calls him a big shot, next thing you know he gives her a big shot,” Green said.

“It was like they were tired of dealing with her so they didn’t try to talk to her or anything,” Roberts said.

“I couldn’t believe it. He seen me taping. He looked up at the camera a few times, and he still hit her like that, and I can’t believe he didn’t try to diffuse the situation at all,” Green said.

Green recently returned home from serving six years in the Army, including tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“In the Army, they gave us extensive training for rules of engagement. There’s proper protocols and steps you take. This lady didn’t do anything, she wasn’t combative and he actually turned combative on her,” Green said.

Green claims the deputies then tried to intimidate him when he refused to hand over his cell phone.

“He comes to me and says you can be under arrest if you don’t give me that video,” Green said.

Green said the deputy then asked if he had any warrants.

“I said no, I’m a veteran, I just came back, I have six years, I have no record, and he said ‘We’ll see about that.'”

Why didn’t Green want to hand over this video to the deputies involved?

“I think they would try to cover it up. I think a lot of things get covered up and people need to come forward if they see something, report it because it can’t be fixed unless it’s brought to the public’s attention,” Green said.

A sheriff’s department spokesman told NBCLA over the phone the department would not comment on this case and would not look at the videotape, but the spokesman said the department does investigate all use of force claims.

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DEA And Rockland County New York Deputies Raid Wrong Address – Home Of Innocent Family Cooking Dinner, Wouldn’t Let Woman Turn Off Stove, Fire Starts, And Three People Were Stuck Upstairs – Threatened To Shoot Family Dogs – Pointed Guns At Man’s Daughter

January 15, 2011

ROCKLAND COUNTY, NEW YORK – A case of mistaken identity put a Spring Valley family in jeopardy.

Deputies surrounded a house on Nereis Drive on reports that an armed gunman, suspected of robbing a medical marijuana delivery provider, was inside. Turned out it was just a family cooking dinner.

Christine Houston told 10News…deputies ordered everyone out of the house and ignored her plea to go back in and turn off the stove. Moments later a fire broke out, trapping three people upstairs, including a seven year old girl. Deputies grabbed a sledge hammer and a skateboard and broke off the metal bars on the windows, then broke the windows to get inside. All eleven people escaped relatively unharmed. one person suffered a minor case of smoke inhalation.

That can’t be said for the kitchen which is a charred mess. A Sheriff’s spokeswoman is denying reports that the department has offered to pay for the damages.

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