Former Tupper Lake New York Police Officer Cris Skiff Arrested, Charged With Harassment And Possession Of Stole Rifule

TUPPER LAKE, NEW YORK – A former village police officer was arrested on a harassment charge Friday night or early Saturday morning.

Chris Skiff, 30, of Tupper Lake, was arrested on the charge of aggravated harassment, according to Franklin County District Attorney Derek Champagne.

Skiff allegedly made threats that caused village police to be concerned when they got a warrant for his arrest, so a state police response team was sent to his home to arrest him, Champagne said. They were there for about 40 minutes, and then Skiff exited his residence freely, Champagne said.

Champagne said he didn’t know the nature of the threats or to whom they were directed, but he did know that police were worried enough that they called him beforehand to let him know about the situation; then they called after to let him know the arrest went off without any problems.

The state police Bureau of Criminal Investigation, based in Ray Brook, is handling the case, but it would not give the Enterprise any information as of press time.

Champagne said police also plan to charge Skiff with criminal possession of stolen property because they found a rifle during a search of Skiff’s home; the gun belonged to a family member. There may be more charges coming from Champagne’s office.

“We asked for high bail because of the threats that were made and our concerns for his state at the time, as well as for the public,” Champagne said.

Champagne said he also asked for a psychological evaluation.

He said he met with veterans’ representatives this morning, since Skiff was overseas in active combat.

“A number of us that know the situation believe that’s directly related to his current state,” Champagne said.

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