Victoria Australia Police Rush To Man’s Home To Investigate Grunts He Made While Using Bathroom

May 19, 2012

VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA – Police rushed to a Victoria housing complex after a man’s struggles on the toilet were so noisy that a concerned neighbour called 9-1-1.

It happened Wednesday about 5 a.m. at a home on Empress Avenue.

The woman heard moaning and yelling coming from the man’s basement suite, so officers arrived to check on his well-being, according to deputy chief John Ducker, writing on the VicPD operations blog.

After repeated knocks and announcements by the officers, the man opened the door.

“When questioned about the amount of noise he was making, the man explained that he had been essentially (in his own different words) on the toilet having his morning constitutional but he was done now,” Ducker wrote.

The man promised to keep it down in the future.

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Northern Territory Australia Drug Crime Squad Officer Arresed On Drug Charges

May 18, 2012

DARWIN, AUSTRALIA – A Northern Territory Police officer has been arrested as part of a drug operation in Darwin.

Acting police commissioner Shane Maines says the officer is a member of the drug and organised crime squad.

He has been taken into custody and is expected to be charged shortly with drug offences.

Houses were raided in Darwin overnight and two other people, aged 22 and 31, were also arrested.

Police say they may make more arrests.

The ABC understands the alleged drug offences relate to the manufacture of methamphetamine.

Police say the arrests were part of Operation Maverick, which is targeting the supply of drugs in the Top End.

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New South Wales Australia Police Force Caught Pirating Software – Handing It Out “Like Confetti” To Other Law Enforcement Agencies And Employees

April 26, 2012

NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA – UK software company Micro Focus is suing New South Wales (NSW) Police Force for unauthorised use of its ViewNow product, which ABC program 7:30 reports is used to access a critical database that contains information on most of the Australian state’s citizens.

Micro Focus’ Australasian Managing Director Bruce Craig told the program that the force does have licence for 6,500 users of the software, but has been “handing out our software like confetti” to other law enforcement agencies and internal users.

The unauthorised use of the application apparently came to light when the NSW Ombudsman told Micro Focus it would soon be using ViewNow. But Micro Focus knew the Ombudsman did not have a licence. Further investigations revealed that other law enforcement agencies were using the application. NSW Police, meanwhile, cannot say how many of its 20,000 staff are using the software, but Micro Focus feels it is more than 6,500

NSW’s Police Integrity Commission, Department of Corrective Services Ombudsman’s Office all settled with Micro Focus, but the Police Force has not offered the company any information about how many of its workers use the software. Nor has it reached an agreement or admitted fault.

Craig says that means Micro Focus will pursue the claim in the courts, as he feels that the Police Force is not particularly interested in investigating itself

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Woman Awarded Workers Compensation In Australia For Sex Injury In Hotel While On Work Trip

April 19, 2012

AUSTRALIA – A woman who was injured while having sex in her hotel room during a work trip is entitled to compensation.

In the Federal Court today Justice John Nicholas ruled that the woman was injured during her “course of employment”.

The woman’s barrister argued that sex was an “ordinary incident of life” in a hotel room, much like showering and sleeping.

The Judge ruled that “if the applicant had been injured while playing a game of cards in her motel room she would be entitled to compensation” and the fact that the woman was engaged in sexual activity rather than some other lawful recreational activity while in her hotel room does not lead to any different result.

The woman, who cannot be named, challenged the rejection of her workers’ compensation claim for facial and psychological injuries suffered when a glass light fitting came away from the wall above the bed as she was having sex in November 2007.

The woman in her late thirties was required to travel to a country town by her employer, the Human Relations Section of the Commonwealth Government agency.

She arranged to meet a male friend there who lived in the town. They went to a restaurant for dinner and at about 10pm or 11pm went back to the woman’s motel room where they had sex that resulted in her injury.

The male friend said in his statement at the time that they were “going hard” and he did not know if they bumped the light or it just fell off.

“I think she was on her back when it happened but I was not paying attention because we are rolling around.”

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New South Wales Australia Police Officer Adam McDonald Gets Job Back After Drunken Wreck (Found With Penis Drawn On His Cheek With Permanent Marker)

March 27, 2011

NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA – A POLICE officer from the New South Wales south coast sacked for getting so drunk he wrecked two cars and asked a colleague to fake a breath test for him has won his job back.

Kiama Senior Constable Adam McDonald, 35, got so inebriated at a local ping-pong competition in January 2009 that when he drove home he totalled a parked car before smashing into a retaining wall, a court was told.

When the owner of the smashed car called police, Mr McDonald asked his colleagues to classify the crash as a “minor incident” and told them he would walk home.

They refused and arrested Mr McDonald, who they discovered had a penis drawn on his left cheek with a permanent marker.

The Industrial Court heard the officer was taken to Kiama Police Station where he asked another officer to take a breath test in his place before returning a blood alcohol reading of 0.205.

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He was sacked in December 2009 by NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione, a known teetotaller, who was furious about the incident.

But Mr McDonald has won his job back after challenging his sacking in the Industrial Court of NSW.

The court heard that on the day of the crash Mr McDonald had been at a golf and poker day at Kiama Golf Club where he drank four schooners of beer over four hours. He then bought a 750ml bottle of bourbon and went to the ping-pong competition located “two to three” kilometres from his home.

After passing out at the competition, Mr McDonald woke up and attempted to drive home when he hit the parked car, according to the court judgment.

Police arrived at the scene on Meehan Drive and found a parked car had been “extensively damaged” with the bumper ripped off and the engine exposed.

Mr McDonald appeared to be heavily intoxicated, court documents said. He was “observed… as having drawings of penises on the left side of his face and on his left leg, apparently drawn with a black marker”, court documents said.

He had the words “F*k the police” written on his back and his fly was undone, the court heard.

According to police, Mr McDonald was abusive and tried to use his position to have officers cover-up the incident.

Mr McDonald told the court he remembered little of the night.

He said people he didn’t know were mixing his drinks and that they could have spiked them with drugs or large quantities of alcohol.

In court, Judge Wayne Haylen accepted the submissions and said the sacking was harsh.

He said Mr McDonald would have felt “fear and concern” when he awoke to find people drawing on him which may have “caused him to drive his vehicle when he otherwise would not have done so”.Judge Haylen also said Mr McDonald, a father of three, was remorseful, had apologised and attended alcohol counselling.

He also said Mr McDonald was at risk of losing his house after being suspended without pay for 15 months.

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Australian Police Officer Who Killed Man With Taser Weapon Didn’t Think It Would Hurt To Be Shocked – Can Only Remember 8 Of The 28 Times He Zapped His Victim

March 11, 2011

BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA – A police officer tasered a north Queensland man up to 28 times because he believed the device, which emits a shock of 50,000 volts, did not cause pain, a coronial inquest has heard.

Senior Constable Craig Myles told the inquest into the death in custody of Antonio Galeano he used the Taser repeatedly because it was not having the desired effect on the 39-year-old.

However, he said he believed the device was designed to incapacitate but not hurt a person.

“I didn’t think it was hurting him,” he told the inquest in Townsville.

Sen Const Myles said he had seen volunteers tasered during his training with the device but was under the impression it did not cause pain.

“Some of them (the volunteers) screamed out and some said it didn’t feel great… but I thought it just incapacitated the person,” he said.

The officer told the inquest he remembered using the Taser eight times against Mr Galeano but conceded it was possible he deployed it 28 times – as data recorded by the device suggested.

Mr Galeano died on the floor of his girlfriend Sandra Wynne’s home at Brandon, south of Townsville, in June 2009 after Sen Const Myles and his partner Constable Marina Cross were called to a disturbance there.

Sen Const Myles said he arrived to find Mr Galeano naked, bloody and chanting incoherently out the bathroom window at the rear of the residence.

He said he deployed the Taser from outside the residence because he believed Mr Galeano would try to climb through the window and he did not want to physically apprehend him because he was covered in blood and a known drug user.

“I didn’t want to get that close to him because of the blood,” he said.

The officer said he activated the Taser three times through the window before going inside, where he said he activated it another five times as he and Const Cross struggled to subdue Mr Galeano.

He later told his officer in charge the device did not appear to be as effective as he was taught during training five weeks earlier.

The inquest will resume in Brisbane on March 21.

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Australian Police Officer Benjamin Price Sentenced To Prison After Brutally Beating Handcuffed Man, Ramming Firehose Down His Throat – Also Beat Two Others, Including A Banker

October 11, 2010

TOWNSVILLE, AUSTRALIA – A POLICEMAN who rammed a fire hose down a handcuffed man’s throat during a brutal bashing in a police station has been jailed.

Former Senior Constable Benjamin Price, 34, was today sentenced to 27 months prison by Townsville District Court judge Stuart Durward but will be eligible for parole next July.

Price was sentenced after pleading guilty to four counts of assault against three victims in Airlie Beach, in north Queensland in 2007 and 2008.

In sentencing Mr Durward described Price as a “thug” and his actions as “cowardly and contemptible”.

“Your conduct was gratuitously violent,” he told Price, who looked pale when the sentence was announced.

Price’s teenage daughter wept when he was led away.

One of Price’s victims, Timothy Steele said he was stunned the case ever saw the light of day.

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He said as an ex-policeman Price “will do it hard in jail, and that’s good.”

Price’s actions only came to light when Price was reported by female police whistleblower constable Bree Sonter and forced to resign amid an internal affairs investigation.

In CCTV footage shown in court last week, Price can be seen punching and kneeing a bleeding, handcuffed Timothy Steele, 23 at the time, in May 25, 2008.

Price puts him in a brutal spine lock and leaves the commercial diver with a broken nose and two blackened eyes, cuts and bruising to the face.

Other police officers watch on – but none intervene – as Price stuffs a running fire hose into his victim’s mouth, nearly drowning him in a five minute ordeal, before Mr Steele slumps forward unmoving.

In another incident captured on camera, petite barmaid Renee Toms, 21 at the time, also handcuffed, was hit in the neck, flung about by the hair, and slammed to the floor inside the watchhouse by Price on January 2008.

Two female officers watch on, but again, do not stop the assault.

His third victim, investment banker Nicholas Le Fevre, of Sydney, was king-hit and repeatedly punched in the head by Price after arguing over urinating in a park while on holiday in Airlie Beach.

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